Artist Spotlight: Jani Galarneau

It was a hoot chatting with Edmonton-based artist Jani Galarneau. She was 100 per cent correct about her third interesting fact about herself.

She has so much energy and is incredibly positive. It’s hard not to have a perpetual smile on your face while you’re chatting with her. Plus, as a bonus, she’s a talented artist.

I hope you enjoy reading our chat as much as I did asking her the questions.

[Featured Artwork by Jani Galarneau.]

Jani Galarneau
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The Art Studio Extension

It never stood a chance. 

We recently renovated our kitchen and the last piece was the kitchen table. 

The old kitchen table was a giant, dark brown behemoth that served us well.

Many family meals were enjoyed there. Christmas breakfasts, Easter dinners, and birthday cakes came and went. 

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Artist Spotlight: Memory Roth

Oh boy. I had a great time chatting with St. Albert-based, award-winning artist Memory Roth recently. She’s the rare artist who enjoys the business side of art. She’s also an avid photographer.

However, art wasn’t always part of Memory’s life. In fact, there was a time where she wasn’t the biggest fan of art. Years later, however, she would gain a passion for art and hasn’t looked back.

She’s been inspired by her late husband, Bernie, and his memory certainly factors into her art and, as a result, factored into our chat. I hope you enjoy learning about Memory as much as I did

[Featured Artwork: “A Walk Along The Sturgeon” by Memory Roth.]

Memory Roth
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The Flash Slothmore

“Hey, can you come down to the studio for a minute, I want to ask what you think about something?” my artist wife said after popping her head around the corner into our living room.

Looking around to see who she was talking to, I realized I was the only one sitting there.

And then, after looking around again for anyone else I could pin this activity on, I realized I was entirely alone. The kids weren’t around and there wasn’t even anyone walking past on the sidewalk through our picture window.

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Artist Spotlight: Oksana Zhelisko

I chatted with Ukrainian-born, Edmonton-based artist Oksana Zhelisko recently.

Oksana moved to Canada from Ukraine when she was 21 and has been here since. Her art is full of emotion and I encourage you check out her recent series on her social channels. She’s incredibly talented.

It took us a couple of tries to be able to connect for this chat. And, to do so, she joined me from her parked car, which I’m super grateful for because I learned so much from her. I hope you do too.

[Featured Artwork: “She Walks Alone” by Oksana Zhelisko. Oil on canvas. 22″ x 28″]

Oksana Zhelisko
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Artist Spotlight: Joyce Boyer

I chatted with Christian artist Joyce Boyer recently. Our chat went fairly quick, which I’m sure her two dogs were grateful for. They were waiting for us to finish because Joyce was going to take them for a W-A-L-K.

Despite it being a fast conversation, I learned a lot about her and where her inspiration comes from. I hope you do too. Enjoy.

[Featured Artwork: “Reaching Up” by Joyce Boyer.]

Joyce Boyer
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