Month: June 2021

The iPad Purchase

It started with a simple statement.

“I’m going to buy an iPad,” she said.

My wife, the artist, had a strong, profitable year in her art business and was looking to upgrade her ability to deliver some of her projects and streamline her ability to manage the digital side of her art. Adding an iPad to her arsenal was something I fully supported.

Then, she casually — without batting an eyelash — dropped the bomb: “It’s going to cost something like $3,000.”

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The Family Video

First post. But where do I start our story?

The beginning might seem the logical place. There’s definitely many amusing moments, but I’ll save those stories of the first time we met for another day.

Instead, today, I simply want to give you a sense of who we are as a family. Who I’m married to.

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Ready To Rock

I’m married to an artist. Very soon, I’ll start sharing the tales only an artist’s spouse can live through.

You might think it’s glamorous to have so much amazing art available and on your walls; often changing out as one piece sells and another is created. And it is.

But sometimes. Sometimes life can be crazy; the house can be a mess; the kids can be, well, kids; and your wife is blissfully unaware, tunes cranked, paintbrush in hand, the studio door closed.

Stay tuned. Starting Saturday, June 19, I’ll be sharing these crazy tales with you — cleaned up and exaggerated, of course, but always amusing.