The iPad Purchase — Pt. 2

You might remember recently my less-than-magical reaction to my wife, the artist, purchasing a $3,000 iPad with all the trimmings for her art business.

My jaw is still recovering, but we moved on amicably and there’s no ill will.

All the accessories have now arrived on our doorstep. It’s a veritable who’s who of Apple accessories:

  • A screen protector. Check.
  • An SD card reader. Check.
  • The Apple pen. Check.
  • And, of course, who could forget the magic keyboard. Check.

They’re all here and accounted for. They’re also all still in their pristinely wrapped, crystal white boxes sitting lonely on the cold, concrete floor of my wife’s basement studio surrounded by unfinished pieces, paint-splattered walls, and endless paint supplies.

The iPad itself is nowhere to be found.

Now, I’m not one to take joy in delivery delays, but, in this case, I would be lying if I told you that I wasn’t only slightly enjoying her lengthy wait for this $3,000 contraption to arrive.

Yep, definitely holding no ill will.

Oh, but why was it delayed?

“I ordered engraving,” she said. “I guess it adds four to six weeks to delivery.”


Why does an iPad need to be engraved?! And what do you engrave on it if you’re purchasing it for your business? 

It’s not like she purchased a silver necklace, a gold ring, or a luxurious watch. Don’t really need those for an art business. (Although, she might yet prove me wrong on these points.)

This engraving fiasco sounds like more magic for Apple. Cha ching.

Truth be told: She did this to herself. And I’m not fussed by it whatsoever. In fact, I’m enjoying the daily updates on the lack of status updates on her iPad delivery.

Every additional day it takes, while she sits one leg tucked under the other in her blue easy chair, I’ll be sitting directly across from her — out of arm’s reach — tossing smug glances her way.

I’ll be wearing out my Cheshire cat smile with an amused look in my eyes and a jaw that remains wired shut. Probably a good thing too; I can’t get my foot into my mouth with the wire in the way.

So, we continue to wait for the magical arrival of an under-sized, fully engraved laptop.

Until then, at least the accessories can keep each other company. So happy together.

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  1. Karen MacMillan

    I’ve always loved your writing, Conal.
    I still remember reading one of your university papers about the Persian War (?) and likening something to driving on the Manning. Lol!!