Month: September 2021

The Kandinsky Curriculum

Our seven-year-old daughter loves art.

Our kitchen table, our hallway, our living room coffee table — there is no flat surface in our house that isn’t hidden under a thin layer of drawings she’s doodled. And when we clean them up to try to see the surfaces again, they’ve all been replaced before we can turn around. 

For a seven-year-old, both the thought and the execution of the drawings are remarkable. 

We’re still not quite sure which parent she gets this passion from. But I will say that I could barely churn out a passable, human-looking stick figure at seven years old. (Maybe that’s a good hint.)

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The Pool House

Success! My artist wife didn’t fall in the pool.

The calm, aqua blue water beckoned all week from her workplace: A narrow, pool-deck perch with a small scaffold set up.

The scaffolding made the pool deck much more harrowing. It took up much of the width, leaving the narrowest of walking paths between it and a plunge into the deep, blue water. 

As much faith as I have in my artist wife, Vegas oddsmakers would have closed the book, not allowing any bets. They typically don’t accept bets on a “sure thing.” They don’t like to lose money. 

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The Closet Door

Who knows what artists are thinking?

I should have paid slightly more attention. 

“I’m going to paint the closet door,” she said, sitting in her favorite blue easy chair in the corner of our living room. 

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