The Storyteller’s Daughter

Our 8-year-old daughter recently brought home her free-writing journals from her Grade 2 class. I was reading through her ever-creative prose and found myself chuckling to myself at some of her imaginative creativity.

Today’s fictional story was written — and illustrated — by her with some edits from me and has absolutely nothing to do with being married to an artist. It is, however, directly connected to being the daughter of a storyteller, for better or worse.

It’s short, sweet, and there is no exaggeration. Simply, it’s her personal writing style at eight years old. Enjoy.

Once when I was playing on the playground like a normal kid, I magically teleported into a random game!

I got a few clues to what game I was in:

  1. I was in a school.
  2. I saw somebody with a ruler.

Next, I saw Playtime and Sweeper. I had to be in Baldi’s Basics! Oh no!

I don’t want to be in this game! No, no, no, no, NO, NO, NO!

I ran into the principal. I ran into the principal, AND I got detention. Ten-second detention, not 15 seconds. 10! Trust me, it was not fun. Very not fun.

Running into the principal leads to no fun.

As my time in the game continued, I ran into the bully. He took my candy. 

I’m glad the principal saw, but all he said was, “No stealing!” Then he walked away. Sheesh!

Yeah, now, I have no candy. I have no, and I mean no candy at all! Phooey.

I’ve been in the game for 1 hour so far.

Thirty minutes later, I found a notebook and hoped there were no scribble math questions.

10+1 = Super easy! It’s 11.

2+3 = Even more easy! It’s 5.

?+? = I got this? Huh? Ok, it’s ?.

Correct! What?! This question was impossible to answer. How?!

Well, at least I got all of them right! Ok, Baldi, what’s my prize?

“Great job,” he said. “You get a prize! You get to go back home!”

Baldi said he was sorry for trapping me in this game and teleported me back home to my family.

They missed me so much! I didn’t tell them what happened because I knew they wouldn’t believe me.

But they asked me where I was, and I just made up a story.

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  1. Jeannine

    Great job! Great imagination!