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The Live Painting

My artist wife walked in the backdoor, dragged herself up the four stairs to our main floor, and flopped herself face first on our couch. 

She never even made it to her blue easy-chair in the corner of the living room. 

It was late. She had just driven 35 minutes home to our prairie suburb after spending five hours on display.

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Artist Spotlight: Dale Voelker

I spoke with L.A.-based artist Dale Voelker recently. He is the first Angeleno to make an appearance in Artist Spotlight.

Our conversation was unique and I enjoyed hearing his perspective on his artistic style, especially considering that he is a graphic designer by day. If you haven’t seen his work, definitely click on one of the below links to give yourself more of a glimpse.

Otherwise, enjoy our chat.

[Featured Artwork: “Best Entertainment Line Up” by Dale Voelker.]

Dale Voelker
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The Reality Check

Sometimes in writing these stories, I might take exaggeration a little too far and need to reign in my storytelling to not stray too far from the real-life inspiration. 

My artist wife often acts as this check on my immense imagination that often takes the most modest and trivial detail and blows it completely out of proportion for entertainment purposes. 

I might be tempted to call this reality check a “buzzkill” but I prefer to sleep in my bed and not on the couch.

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Artist Spotlight: Kathy Lycka

It was fun chatting with Calgary-based artist Kathy Lycka recently. So much of what she does is incredibly strategic and it is rooted in a strong work ethic and desire to create.

She very clearly enjoys creating her art, creating her jewelry, creating content for her social media channels, and generating income from her passion.

I can’t say enough positive things about my chat with Kathy. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

[Featured Artwork: “Primavera Allure” by Kathy Lycka.]

Kathy Lycka
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The Wedding Invitations

Our wedding was held outdoors in the simmering, summer heat of the Canadian Prairies. However, we planned much of the wedding in the bitter, winter cold of those same Prairies. 

It was 15 years ago this week that we took that walk down the aisle before racing off to Quebec City for the fun part. ? 

Back then, my artist wife was still burgeoning in her career in those days. Neither of us really had a true grasp of the business side of her chosen vocation. 

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Artist Spotlight: Allison Rohland

I chatted with Seattle-based artist Allison Rohland recently. It was an incredibly fun conversation. Her positive energy knows no bounds and she was always laughing and smiling.

Plus, although much of it doesn’t make it into the below Q&A, it was fun to chat with her about our mutual love of early Coldplay as well as her trip to Australia.

I hope you enjoy the chat with Allison as much as I did.

[Featured Artwork: “In Your Own Time” by Allison Rohland.]

Allison Rohland
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