I'm Married To An Artist

About This Website

My name is Conal, and this website is inspired entirely by my life of being married to an artist. 

She’s fabulous. Truly. She is. Take a moment to meet her. 

You might think it’s glamorous to have so much amazing art available and on your walls; often changing out as one piece sells and another is created. And it is. 

But sometimes. Sometimes life can be crazy; the house can be a mess; the kids can be, well, kids; and your wife is blissfully unaware, tunes cranked, paintbrush in hand, the studio door closed. 

Every Saturday morning, I share the stories that are inspired by my life married to an artist. Exaggerated, at times. Toned down, at others. But I’m pulling back the curtain. Enjoy. 

And, every Tuesday, I feature amazing artists. These are the ones I’m not married to, but whom I believe deserve to be highlighted. Enjoy just as much.

About The Author

He's got the whole world...

I was born in a small Ontario city on the shores of Lake Huron and transplanted to a small western Canadian suburb as a boy. I grew up, met an artist, got married, and had two children — a boy, 11, and a girl, 8.  

I’m old enough to remember:

  • Woolco;
  • PoGo Balls;
  • The original Oregon Trail on 5.25″ floppy disk; and,
  • Both rotary and payphones.

But I’m also young enough to remember:

  • Be Kind, Rewind;
  • “Not the mama!”
  • Urkel; and,
  • Logging on to this image-map version of TSN.ca from 1997 on a screeching dial-up internet connection.

Professionally, I’m the Digital Content Manager for MarriedToAnArtist.ca and I’ve been a newspaper reporter/editor for Sun Media, executive director of a Chamber of Commerce, and a public affairs & communications professional for a multinational energy company where I still work.

Accordingly, since I might accidentally discuss energy-related topics, my employer requires me to tell you I am a Shell employee, I’m not speaking on their behalf in this website or any of its associated social media channels, and that my views are my own and do not necessarily reflect their views.