About This Website

My name is Conal, and this website is inspired entirely by my life of being married to an artist. 

She’s fabulous. Truly. She is. Take a moment to meet her. 

You might think it’s glamorous to have so much amazing art available and on your walls; often changing out as one piece sells and another is created. And it is. 

But sometimes. Sometimes life can be crazy; the house can be a mess; the kids can be, well, kids; and your wife is blissfully unaware, tunes cranked, paintbrush in hand, the studio door closed. 

Every Saturday morning, I share the stories that are inspired by my life married to an artist. Exaggerated, at times. Toned down, at others. But I’m pulling back the curtain. Enjoy. 

And, every Tuesday, I feature amazing artists. These are the ones I’m not married to, but whom I believe deserve to be highlighted. Enjoy just as much.

About The Author

He's got the whole world...

I was born in a small Ontario city on the shores of Lake Huron and transplanted to a small western Canadian suburb as a boy. I grew up, met an artist, got married, and had two children — a boy, 11, and a girl, 8.  

I’m old enough to remember:

  • Woolco;
  • PoGo Balls;
  • The original Oregon Trail on 5.25″ floppy disk; and,
  • Both rotary and payphones.

But I’m also young enough to remember:

  • Be Kind, Rewind;
  • “Not the mama!”
  • Urkel; and,
  • Logging on to this image-map version of TSN.ca from 1997 on a screeching dial-up internet connection.

Professionally, I’m the Digital Content Manager for MarriedToAnArtist.ca and I’ve been a newspaper reporter/editor for Sun Media, executive director of a Chamber of Commerce, and a public affairs & communications professional for a multinational energy company.