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The Pool House

Success! My artist wife didn’t fall in the pool.

The calm, aqua blue water beckoned all week from her workplace: A narrow, pool-deck perch with a small scaffold set up.

The scaffolding made the pool deck much more harrowing. It took up much of the width, leaving the narrowest of walking paths between it and a plunge into the deep, blue water. 

As much faith as I have in my artist wife, Vegas oddsmakers would have closed the book, not allowing any bets. They typically don’t accept bets on a “sure thing.” They don’t like to lose money. 

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The Golden Paint

Before the pandemic struck, I was planning a yet-to-be-taken family vacation to Boston. 

I planned to fly us to southwestern Ontario to visit family before driving to Boston. On the return trip, we would stop at Cooperstown in upstate New York, home of the National Baseball Hall of Fame (American).

This trip would have been an incredible once-in-a-lifetime chance for my son and I to visit the hallowed halls that enshrine the best players, managers, umpires, and pioneers of the sport we both love.

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The Family Video

First post. But where do I start our story?

The beginning might seem the logical place. There’s definitely many amusing moments, but I’ll save those stories of the first time we met for another day.

Instead, today, I simply want to give you a sense of who we are as a family. Who I’m married to.

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