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Artist Spotlight: Karen Blanchet

I chatted with Edmonton-based artist Karen Blanchet a couple weeks ago. Our chat went fairly quick, but the conversation was rich in substance. 

I learned a lot about her, including the fact that she learned French… in Australia. Plus, she has such a unique style that her husband coined a new term for it: Neo-mosaic. 

I hope you enjoy my chat with Karen as much as I did.

[Featured Artwork: “Fear No Evil/crains aucun mal by Karen Blanchet.]

Karen Blanchet
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Artist Spotlight: Nadiya Maznychka

I had the pleasure of chatting with Ukraine-born, Edmonton-based artist Nadiya Maznychka this past weekend. It was a wonderful conversation about her and her art, which is very clearly part of her DNA. Currently, she is known for her amazing pet portraits.

I suspect she didn’t realize it during our chat, but she shared some profound insights about the art community. I hope, when you read through our chat, you come away with that impression as well.

[Featured Artwork: Assorted pet portraits by Nadiya Maznychka.]

Nadiya Maznychka
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Artist Spotlight: Shelby Willis

You know how you meet people and they’re just so happy that it’s infectious? That would describe Edmonton-area artist Shelby Willis. I had the joy of chatting with her recently while she escaped the loving rigors of caring for her newborn daughter.

Shelby has a distinct, colorful style that can turn anyone into an animal lover.

By the time our 20-minute chat ended, I could hear her daughter crying out in the background and I could hear Shelby’s heart wanting to go to her. So, we said our farewells and I hope her daughter will learn as she grows up how lucky she will be to have Shelby’s art available to inspire her.

[Featured Artwork: “Aztec Bear” by Shelby Willis.]

Shelby Willis
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Artist Spotlight: Alyson Borycki

Alyson Borycki is a Toronto-based artist transplanted from the heart of the Canadian prairies in Saskatchewan.

Our recent chat was filled with lots of laughs and plenty of insights from this super-talented contemporary abstract artist, who also has a passion for her house plants (and who wasn’t shy about sharing this fact).

I hope you enjoy our conversation as much as I did.

[Featured Artwork: “My Oasis” by Alyson Borycki.]

Alyson Borycki
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Artist Spotlight: M.A. Tateishi

M.A. Tateishi is a Vancouver-based artist who was a pleasure to chat with recently.

For me, it was her passion for her process that stood out during our chat. I’m certain if I wanted to dive deeper — and had the time — she could have provided me with enough to write a university dissertation on the topic of layering in paintings.

She has her own studio in East Vancouver, but give her a heads up if you plan to drop by. You’ll understand after you read our chat, especially Question 11. 😉

[Featured Artwork: “Malmö by M.A. Tateishi.]

M.A. Tateishi
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Artist Spotlight: Dale Voelker

I spoke with L.A.-based artist Dale Voelker recently. He is the first Angeleno to make an appearance in Artist Spotlight.

Our conversation was unique and I enjoyed hearing his perspective on his artistic style, especially considering that he is a graphic designer by day. If you haven’t seen his work, definitely click on one of the below links to give yourself more of a glimpse.

Otherwise, enjoy our chat.

[Featured Artwork: “Best Entertainment Line Up” by Dale Voelker.]

Dale Voelker
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