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The iPad Purchase — Pt. 3

Yes, the iPad arrived. In all its white-packaged glory. Fully engraved.

My artist wife had a profitable year in her business and had ordered this new tool to support the digital end of her business. Unfortunately (for her), the shipment was delayed 4-6 weeks because she ordered engraving. 

I enjoyed the intervening weeks. The lack of status updates on its delivery. The crucible of the unknown delivery date weighing heavily. The smug glances I tossed across the living room as a result. 

Sadly, on this day, the smug glances would end. 

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The iPad Purchase — Pt. 2

You might remember recently my less-than-magical reaction to my wife, the artist, purchasing a $3,000 iPad with all the trimmings for her art business.

My jaw is still recovering, but we moved on amicably and there’s no ill will.

All the accessories have now arrived on our doorstep. It’s a veritable who’s who of Apple accessories:

  • A screen protector. Check.
  • An SD card reader. Check.
  • The Apple pen. Check.
  • And, of course, who could forget the magic keyboard. Check.

They’re all here and accounted for. They’re also all still in their pristinely wrapped, crystal white boxes sitting lonely on the cold, concrete floor of my wife’s basement studio surrounded by unfinished pieces, paint-splattered walls, and endless paint supplies.

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The iPad Purchase

It started with a simple statement.

“I’m going to buy an iPad,” she said.

My wife, the artist, had a strong, profitable year in her art business and was looking to upgrade her ability to deliver some of her projects and streamline her ability to manage the digital side of her art. Adding an iPad to her arsenal was something I fully supported.

Then, she casually — without batting an eyelash — dropped the bomb: “It’s going to cost something like $3,000.”

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