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Artist Spotlight: Erinn Evans

Erinn Evans lives in a suburb next door to mine outside of Edmonton, Alberta. That said, I’d never met her before our recent Skype chat.

A mother of two teenage sons, she is finds time for her art while they’re at school.

During our chat, she had some thoughts and insights that I loved and I hope you do, too, as you get to know her a little better.

[Featured Artwork: “Forest Friends” by Erinn Evans. 20”x24” encaustic painting.]

Erinn Evans
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The Art Studio

The day you move into a new home is exciting. Unending opportunities abound. The blank canvas is empty, waiting for you to fill it with furniture, decor, and memories.

In our case, we had some minor renovations to complete on that sunny, prairie-sky day in 2009. 

First on the list: Creating an art studio space for my wife. Thanks to support from my father, we moved a 10-foot section of wall in our basement to accommodate a space that takes up roughly a quarter of the entire footprint of our lower level.

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The All-Star Team

I’m not going to talk about my artist wife today. I’ve had enough of sleeping on the couch each night my weekly story comes out. I need at least one Saturday night in my own bed.

Instead, since I have previously proven my ability to appreciate historic artists like Van Gogh, I’m going to share with you the unequivocal top 4 artists of all time. My Mount Rushmore of the greats.

When I first launched these weekly stories I always knew I would make an all-star team, if you will, of all-time artists. I’ve been researching and writing and rewriting this list for months.

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The Blank Canvas

We were married in 2007. Fourteen years ago this week. In the heat of summer. In an outdoor wedding. In the middle of the afternoon. On the western Canadian prairie. At a museum in our hometown. 

Like all marriages, at our wedding, we had a blank canvas. We had years, decades ahead of us; and like most young couples we were a blank canvas full of optimism, passion, and romance pushing us forward into a lifelong, loving relationship.

Alas, I’m not sharing a love story today. While a blank canvas is a great relationship analogy, we, quite literally, had a blank canvas at our wedding.

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