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Artist Spotlight: Darcy Hunter

Darcy Hunter is a fibre and quilt artist based in Fredericton, New Brunswick. She is unique among the artists to have been featured in this space because her paintbrush is actually a sewing machine.

Her original art landscape wall hangings are visually striking but often reflect the subtlety that can be found in nature.

She came across to me as a very genuine, kind person. We also both got distracted easily and went down a few rabbit holes that didn’t make it into the below conversation (like a lengthy chat about the Rocky mountains where I offered her travel tips if she ever travels to them).

But, enough about those rascally rabbit holes, I hope you enjoy the our chat.

[Featured Artwork: “Split Rock Trail” by Darcy Hunter.]

Darcy Hunter
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Artist Spotlight: Linda McBain Cuyler

I chatted with Edmonton-based artist Linda McBain Cuyler recently. It took a little bit to get going due to some audio issues, but after her tech support (aka her daughter) sorted it out, we were off to the races.

Linda is a super-creative artist who actually went to the University of Manitoba, graduating with an Interior Design focus. So, it should come as no surprise that she has incorporated a lot of fiber and fabrics into her art through the years.

Read through today’s chat, and I would encourage you to check out Linda’s art at some of the provided links. Each piece brings something unique.

[Featured Artwork by Linda McBain Cuyler]

Linda McBain Cuyler
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