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Artist Spotlight: Maria Iva

I really enjoyed my conversation with Ontario-based artist Maria Iva. Her art is colorful and truly captures her passion for each Ontario nature-focused landscape she chooses to paint, especially dunes.

Maria was born in Germany, moved to St. Petersburg when she was 2, and eventually emigrated to Canada in her early 30s, settling in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA). She has had a unique life — three lives, as she calls them (you’ll find out in our chat) — and is currently in the process of transitioning into a full-time artist.

I’m grateful to have had the opportunity to learn a small piece of her story and what makes her so passionate for art. I hope you get a glimpse of that from our interview below.

[Featured Artwork: “Through Dunes” by Maria Iva.]

Maria Iva
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Artist Spotlight: Darcy Hunter

Darcy Hunter is a fibre and quilt artist based in Fredericton, New Brunswick. She is unique among the artists to have been featured in this space because her paintbrush is actually a sewing machine.

Her original art landscape wall hangings are visually striking but often reflect the subtlety that can be found in nature.

She came across to me as a very genuine, kind person. We also both got distracted easily and went down a few rabbit holes that didn’t make it into the below conversation (like a lengthy chat about the Rocky mountains where I offered her travel tips if she ever travels to them).

But, enough about those rascally rabbit holes, I hope you enjoy the our chat.

[Featured Artwork: “Split Rock Trail” by Darcy Hunter.]

Darcy Hunter
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Artist Spotlight: Angela Stadlwieser-Smith

I chatted with Angela Stadlwieser-Smith prior to this past weekend’s Night Of Artists in St. Albert, Canada, where she was showing and selling her amazing art alongside dozens of artists.

Angela is very much an empathetic person. She had many, many profound insights that left me contemplating them the entire afternoon after we spoke. As a dad, I especially loved one of her reasons for focusing so much on her artwork (Hint: She has a 12-year-old daughter and 10-year-old son).

Oh, and this is a pre-apology to her husband. He, like me, is married to an artist (obviously). I’m sure he’ll be forgiving after he reads through Angela’s response to question 11. ?

[Featured Artwork: “Just What I Need” by Angela Stadlwieser-Smith. 24″x24″. Acrylic on wood panel.]

Angela Stadlwieser-Smith
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