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The 12 Gallon Mural

“Yay, networking,” my artist wife said last September.

She was sitting in the corner of our living room in her navy blue easy chair. She had completed a mural the previous week. In my super casual, completely stealth, I’m-hunting-for-story-inspiration way, I was asking her about how the opportunity had come about in the first place.

Apparently, the opportunity to paint this mural came about quickly. And it came with the added pleasure of collaborating with another artist. 

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Artist Spotlight: Brie Adkins

It was a pleasure to chat with Calgary-raised artist Brie Adkins.

You might be tempted to call her the Mural Queen of Entwistle — the town of about 400 in west-central Alberta — given how many she’s painted in town in her nearly seven years living there.

But she’s so much more than that and I hope our chat demonstrates that!

[Featured Artwork: Evansburg mural by Brie Adkins.]

Brie Adkins
(and son)
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The Pool House

Success! My artist wife didn’t fall in the pool.

The calm, aqua blue water beckoned all week from her workplace: A narrow, pool-deck perch with a small scaffold set up.

The scaffolding made the pool deck much more harrowing. It took up much of the width, leaving the narrowest of walking paths between it and a plunge into the deep, blue water. 

As much faith as I have in my artist wife, Vegas oddsmakers would have closed the book, not allowing any bets. They typically don’t accept bets on a “sure thing.” They don’t like to lose money. 

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