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Artist Spotlight: Shelby Willis

You know how you meet people and they’re just so happy that it’s infectious? That would describe Edmonton-area artist Shelby Willis. I had the joy of chatting with her recently while she escaped the loving rigors of caring for her newborn daughter.

Shelby has a distinct, colorful style that can turn anyone into an animal lover.

By the time our 20-minute chat ended, I could hear her daughter crying out in the background and I could hear Shelby’s heart wanting to go to her. So, we said our farewells and I hope her daughter will learn as she grows up how lucky she will be to have Shelby’s art available to inspire her.

[Featured Artwork: “Aztec Bear” by Shelby Willis.]

Shelby Willis
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The Night of Artists

On a sunny and calm day in late 2015, my artist wife told me she was applying to a new-to-us art show. It was called Night of Artists.

I couldn’t have been any more enthusiastic and supportive as I continued to scroll through the news feed on my iPhone while I sat docile on our living room couch.

“Great,” I said. “One single night makes it easy for us.”

Art shows usually run across an entire weekend. So, to learn it was only one night meant I wouldn’t be left as a single parent with our kids like I would for the other art shows on her annual business calendar. 

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