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This Colorful World

Before I was married to an artist, I saw the world in simple colors. 

Green was green. Whether it was your run-of-the-mill fescue grass you find on suburban Canadian prairie lawns or the coarse baize covering a billiard table, the color was simply green. 

Same for blue. Whether it was the crystal-clear sky on a cloudless day or the inimitable, googly-eyed Cookie Monster, the color was simply blue. 

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The Ballcap Rainbow

My artist wife walked into my basement office and noticed my baseball caps hanging on the wall. 

Immediately, a look climbed across her face. It was one of those unmistakable looks that only a husband notices. 

I no-sold noticing. 

Meanwhile, her eyes continued to slide their way along the width of the entire wall in my office, which was adorned by a new, white baseball cap rack running the entire length of the soft blue paint. Her eyes finally came to rest on me sitting at my desk. 

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