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Artist Spotlight: Allison Rohland

I chatted with Seattle-based artist Allison Rohland recently. It was an incredibly fun conversation. Her positive energy knows no bounds and she was always laughing and smiling.

Plus, although much of it doesn’t make it into the below Q&A, it was fun to chat with her about our mutual love of early Coldplay as well as her trip to Australia.

I hope you enjoy the chat with Allison as much as I did.

[Featured Artwork: “In Your Own Time” by Allison Rohland.]

Allison Rohland
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The Crazy Train

The Whyte Avenue Art Walk is a summertime staple in Old Strathcona — one of Edmonton’s oldest and most historic neighbourhoods. 

Think of Old Strathcona like the western Canadian version of Old Quebec, except 300 years younger, no walls, mostly English speaking, and lacking anything resembling stone architecture. So, nothing like Old Quebec. But still old by western Canadian, prairie standards. 

The Art Walk is one of the many mid-summer events that reinvigorates the former commercial core of the prairie city we call home.

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