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The Golden Paint

Before the pandemic struck, I was planning a yet-to-be-taken family vacation to Boston. 

I planned to fly us to southwestern Ontario to visit family before driving to Boston. On the return trip, we would stop at Cooperstown in upstate New York, home of the National Baseball Hall of Fame (American).

This trip would have been an incredible once-in-a-lifetime chance for my son and I to visit the hallowed halls that enshrine the best players, managers, umpires, and pioneers of the sport we both love.

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The Van Gogh Visit

We need to establish one thing: I’m married to an artist but I’m not an art connoisseur; not by any stretch of the wildest imagination.

I’m not even sure I appreciate art in the way many people do.

And, I know I don’t appreciate it in the same way my wife does.

She could spend hours, days, weeks analyzing works of art for the masterful, technical skill involved in composing the piece. Meanwhile, I’ll take a look, make a glib quip or self-evident observation, and move on to the next. 

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