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The Wedding Invitations

Our wedding was held outdoors in the simmering, summer heat of the Canadian Prairies. However, we planned much of the wedding in the bitter, winter cold of those same Prairies. 

It was 15 years ago this week that we took that walk down the aisle before racing off to Quebec City for the fun part. ? 

Back then, my artist wife was still burgeoning in her career in those days. Neither of us really had a true grasp of the business side of her chosen vocation. 

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The Quebec City Honeymoon

We went to Quebec City for our honeymoon 14 years ago. It was my first and only trip to the capital of La belle province; my wife’s second visit, and her best, I assume.

We chose Quebec City for many reasons. Chief among them was the price was right. A close second was the culture, the 400-year history since the city’s founding, and the artistic expression on full display.

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The Blank Canvas

We were married in 2007. Fourteen years ago this week. In the heat of summer. In an outdoor wedding. In the middle of the afternoon. On the western Canadian prairie. At a museum in our hometown. 

Like all marriages, at our wedding, we had a blank canvas. We had years, decades ahead of us; and like most young couples we were a blank canvas full of optimism, passion, and romance pushing us forward into a lifelong, loving relationship.

Alas, I’m not sharing a love story today. While a blank canvas is a great relationship analogy, we, quite literally, had a blank canvas at our wedding.

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