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The All-Star Team

I’m not going to talk about my artist wife today. I’ve had enough of sleeping on the couch each night my weekly story comes out. I need at least one Saturday night in my own bed.

Instead, since I have previously proven my ability to appreciate historic artists like Van Gogh, I’m going to share with you the unequivocal top 4 artists of all time. My Mount Rushmore of the greats.

When I first launched these weekly stories I always knew I would make an all-star team, if you will, of all-time artists. I’ve been researching and writing and rewriting this list for months.

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The Art History

Taking one look at the transcript for my four-year Bachelor of Arts degree, majoring in History, there are definitely some interesting courses that helped me earn it: 

  • Forestry 100
  • Computer Science 100
  • Educational Psychology 120
  • Latin America Studies 342 (a personal favorite to this day)

My course selection certainly exploited the “liberal” in the liberal Arts degree. 

Yet, if you look slightly closer, you’ll unearth a gem of a course called Art History 100. A rare gem indeed.

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